Trailblazing a New Path Through Medical Marijuana in Grand Haven

A spark of change ignited in Grand Haven, MI, when New Standard, a visionary medical marijuana dispensary, made its grand debut. Evoking the spirit of Michigan’s thriving medical cannabis community and embracing the town’s charming coastal ambiance, this entrepreneurial venture has redefined the standard for dispensaries near me and you.

Our journey began as a modest aspiration to serve the residents of our hometown. Recognition in Grand Haven and the greater Michigan area came quickly, and we appreciate every individual who chose to trust us. Our passion is not only to dispense high-grade medical marijuana professionally but also to enlighten about its life-changing potential.

New Standard seeks to consistently contribute positively to the community, and we know that this ambition can be fulfilled only through the relentless pursuit of excellence. We invite each one of you to come along with us on this remarkable adventure. Let’s together create safe havens for those seeking alternative treatments!

Find our cannabis dispensary near you and become a part of this revolution in healthcare, adding a new way for relief and wellness. Welcome, to your new standard.

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