The Genesis of Codes – The Journey of a Trailblazing Dispensary in Missouri

At the dawn of 2010, amidst the blooming global green wave, a revolution was born in the heartland of Missouri. This was none other than Codes Dispensary – a Weed Dispensary & Recreational center, formed with a simple, yet powerful, mission; breaking barriers and myths surrounding cannabis usage.

The Vision

Codes- St Louis has been the beacon of a progressive approach towards cannabis, understanding its potential beyond stigma. This isn’t just a weed dispensary, this is about forging a new creed, striving for a society where people have an informed, balanced viewpoint towards cannabis.

The Journey

In a decade, Codes transitioned from a bold idea into a revolutionary establishment. As one of the finest dispensaries in Missouri, they are setting the pace for the industry and inspiring others to follow suit. Navigating tough terrains, they’ve contributed significantly to the growth of the local industry and fostered a community of well-versed, enlightened consumers.

By far, the story of Codes is an epitome of what a dream, coupled with absolute determination and right information, can sow in society. Join the revolution, be a part of the Codes story.

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