Elevate Your Experience at MMD Shops


MMD Shops, a trailblazer in the cannabis industry since its inception in 2006, has been revolutionizing the game with its four prime locations across Southern California. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, this renowned dispensary chain has become a beacon for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled shopping experience.

Dispensary Near Me Hollywood, CA

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, MMD Shops’ flagship location beckons visitors with its contemporary vibe and welcoming atmosphere. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable team of budtenders eager to guide you through their extensive selection of premium cannabis products, from potent flowers to meticulously crafted edibles and concentrates.

Cannabis Dispensary North Hollywood, CA

For those residing in the vibrant North Hollywood neighborhood, MMD Shops’ outpost offers a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. This sleek and modern dispensary boasts an array of top-shelf strains, expertly curated to cater to every preference and need. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, the friendly staff will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect products to elevate your cannabis journey.

A Commitment to Excellence

  • Stringent quality control measures ensure only the finest cannabis products grace the shelves.
  • Ongoing education and training empower the staff to provide knowledgeable guidance.
  • A diverse range of products caters to both recreational and medicinal needs.
  • Cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices minimize the environmental footprint.


Whether you’re seeking a Dispensary Near Me Hollywood, CA, a Cannabis Dispensary North Hollywood, CA, or any of MMD Shops’ other prime locations, you can rest assured that an extraordinary cannabis experience awaits. With a deep-rooted passion for the plant and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, MMD Shops continues to set the bar high, redefining what it means to be a premier cannabis retailer.

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